SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): Lady Bunny – “Take Me Up High”

What becomes a legend most? Lady Bunny jokes in her uproarious cabaret act that being labeled a legend is simply being dismissed as old. I beg to differ. A legend is a master of his/her craft who stands the test of time. With the barrage of songs being released from recent Drag Race alumni, leave it to a true artist/legend Lady Bunny to show them how it’s done. As a devotee of disco house songs with catchy vocals, she delivers what she loves with her new single “Take My Up High.” With nine remixes it’s hard to discern which is the original version, but I would venture to say that the jaunty retro disco affair by True2Life might be closest. Blending the Disclosure/Prince Club 90s house revival meme with a bit of bouncy hiNRG synths (and a touch of classic 2Step) makes the perfect track for Bunny’s sing-along vocals about having a good time, dancing at the club and partying with friends. While Bunny may not be a classically trained operatic diva, she can actually sing and her perky, fun performance sounds authentic and nuanced rather than like an Auto-Tuned robot. DJs wanting a harder, more big room/electro version should reach for the mixes by Timmy Loop and Edwin Reyes. Keeping the classic vibe firmly in place, Edson Pride brings back the energetic tribal style (before the pots and pans epidemic) and Julian Marsh revisits the land of swirling hiNRG with a touch of sleaze. “Take Me Up High” is a party song about being uplifted by happy music from the DJ. With all the darkness and sadness out there in the real world, shouldn’t the clubs be an escape full of happy, hand-in-the-air music?

Image Courtesy of Lybra

SONG OF THE DAY: France Joli – “Hallelujah”

Canadian singer France Joli is best known for her much-loved disco hit “Come To Me.” The classic gained notoriety when she performed it on Fire Island at the age of 16 and eventually topped the Billboard Disco chart for three weeks. A few more club hits followed (“Don’t Stop Dancing,” “Gonna Get Over You”) as did a few club records in the late 90s (“Touch,” “Breakaway”). Recently a UK number 1 for The X Factor’s Alexandra Burke and used in the movie Shrek, Leonard Cohen’s song “Hallelujah” is an interesting choice for a cover. Not that dance music doesn’t have ties to spiritual and church music, as classic disco singers like Donna Summer and Candi Staton got their starts singing in church or recording religious music, and for a time in the late 90s, it often felt like Church on the dance floor with uplifting songs by Kim English and Vernessa Mitchell in heavy rotation. With a sweeping gospel choir in the background, France Joli sounds remarkable- though the original production sounds a little dated. The Julian Marsh remix is more energetic, with an uplifting Hi-NRG feel that is perfect for Sunday tea dances (after going to Church, of course).

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