SONG OF THE DAY: Matt Lange and Francis Preve – “Glow Ballz”

One of the many reasons why I liked “Here and Now” by Cash Cash & Kerli was that for the big drop, they actually used a water drop.? The clever deployment of sound effects can elevate a track from being good to being quite memorable.? “Glow Ballz,” by Matt Lange and Francis Preve, does precisely that.?? Take a look at the neon green bowling ball and then close your eyes and listen to the track.? The groovy techno track seems to trace the path of the ball and it colliding with different things in the path while cosmic bowling.? Picture the drop at?1:30?as the moment when you are lifting your arm to launch the ball down the alley. Time seems to slow down as you set your aim. The beat kicks back in just as soon as the ball hits the ground. The ball is sliding down the path, granted for it to roll for two minute means it’s a long alley (and you have amazing projectile strength), the different sounds are the blacklights and strobes hitting the shiny surface of the ball.? The second drop is that slow-motion hitting of each pin and those precious moments of suspense to see how well you did.? The beat kicks in just as the ball enters the return to make its way back. Can’t you just see the visuals/music video in your head?? Check out the Jan van Lier Mix for a more amped-up version with a retro ’90s feel and a less-pronounced breakdown.? Deep techno might not be your thing, but “Glow Ballz” shines one of the more memorable tracks in the genre.

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Image Courtesy of Academik.