SONGS OF THE DAY: Tony Moran vs Deborah Cooper – “Heartbeat” and  Inaya Day & DJ Escape – “Make Some Noise”

Just like the other day, when I wrote about Duke Dumont and Disclosure bringing back ’90s underground house, here are two songs that are reviving the seemingly long-lost tribal diva house of the late ’90s. Instead of new faces remaking classic sounds, here we have legendary tribal producer/DJs teaming up with cherished divas to let us have it on the dance floor.  These songs are all about partying and having a good time with sing-a-long choruses over percussive (and explosive tribal beats) kind of like the old school circuit parties. When Deborah Cooper commands you to “get ’em up” while Inaya Day belts out “make some noise,” can you really refuse?    

Images Courtesy of Sugar House / Electronic Kingdom.

SONG OF THE DAY: Marc JB & Inaya Day – “Every Breath”

Who doesn’t love a good diva record? With all this emphasis on the DJ and producer, we often forget that a powerful singer with a great vocal really makes a solid club record. With “Every Breath,” clubland veteran Inaya Day sings about ending a bad relationship and being forced to confront a stalker. Yes, that is kind of dark, but the focus of the chorus and the verse is more about the empowering side of taking control of one’s life. Inaya has a powerful voice and her range is on clear display with a very polished, pop-sounding verse contrasted with a strong chorus where she lets it out. Marc JB (of Bimbo Jones) is at the top of his game, echoing the contrasts with pop-trance/house sections injected with sparse, almost scary and spiritual interludes that underscore the emotions. While clearly perfect for Hallowen, “Every Breath” stands out as a dark-edged club track with pop appeal that could easily blossom into a commercial crossover.

Image Courtesy of Soul Delux.