SONGS OF THE DAY: Tony Moran vs Deborah Cooper – “Heartbeat” and? Inaya Day & DJ Escape – “Make Some Noise”

Just like the other day, when I wrote about Duke Dumont and Disclosure bringing back ’90s underground house, here are two songs that are reviving the seemingly long-lost tribal diva house of the late ’90s. Instead of new faces remaking classic sounds, here we have legendary tribal producer/DJs teaming up with cherished divas to let us have it on the dance floor.? These songs are all about partying and having a good time with sing-a-long choruses over percussive (and explosive tribal beats) kind of like the old school circuit parties. When Deborah Cooper commands you to “get ’em up” while Inaya Day belts out “make some noise,” can you really refuse?????

Images Courtesy of Sugar House / Electronic Kingdom.