SONG OF THE DAY: Marc JB & Inaya Day – “Every Breath”

Who doesn’t love a good diva record? With all this emphasis on the DJ and producer, we often forget that a powerful singer with a great vocal really makes a solid club record. With “Every Breath,” clubland veteran Inaya Day sings about ending a bad relationship and being forced to confront a stalker. Yes, that is kind of dark, but the focus of the chorus and the verse is more about the empowering side of taking control of one’s life. Inaya has a powerful voice and her range is on clear display with a very polished, pop-sounding verse contrasted with a strong chorus where she lets it out. Marc JB (of Bimbo Jones) is at the top of his game, echoing the contrasts with pop-trance/house sections injected with sparse, almost scary and spiritual interludes that underscore the emotions. While clearly perfect for Hallowen, “Every Breath” stands out as a dark-edged club track with pop appeal that could easily blossom into a commercial crossover.

Image Courtesy of Soul Delux.