SONG OF THE DAY: Brittany Campbell ft Gomi – “House of Glass”

Where are the girls that can sang?? With this big EDM revolution we are experiencing, the focus is on producers and DJs – definitely not the singers.? While there are a few voices that regularly end up on the best dance records (Jes, Nadia Ali) where are diva vocalists at? Aside from Kimberley Locke “Feel the Love,” Deborah Cox “Leave the World Behind,” and Frenchie Davis “Love’s Got a Hold on Me,” there haven’t been big female vocal club records lately.? Welcome to the stage, miss Brittany Campbell.? Already buzzing in the NYC scene, the singer/songwriter has been called “Brooklyn’s pop princess.” While her songs vary in styles (pop, tropical, go-go, R&B)? “House of Glass” is a stadium house record with tribal undertones that features, get this, a full-on song with verses and a chorus.? What a concept!? Brittany has an amazing voice and great control, so at no point does she oversing, but instead captures the emotional effects of a complicated one night stand.? As a longtime producer for Junior Vasquez, Gomi’s influence is apparent – “House of Glass” is what a Vivian Green or Tamia remix would sound like in 2013.??? With a great music video and some incredible live performance clips online, I have a feeling we will be hearing a lot more from Brittany Campbell in the future.

Image Courtesy of Gomination.