SONG OF THE DAY: deadmau5 ft Gerard Way – “Professional Griefers”

One of the many strengths of deadmau5 is that his tracks do not all sound the same.? If you play the aggressive hard rock/electro fusion “Professional Grievers” after his last single “The Veldt,” most people wouldn’t even think that they came from the same person. That he can channel such aggression into a track in addition to capturing a sense of somber beauty shows the range of his masterful production.? “Professional Griefers” continues the trend of hard rock/heavy metal influence in EDM (listen to the Sharkjumpers EP for another good example). It’s a track that can work well at both a dance club and a rock club, aided by the strong vocal performance of My Chemical Romance lead singer Gerard Way.? As strong as the record is, the video takes it to another level, looking to be one of the most expensive videos ever produced for an EDM record.? Obviously cosponsored by UFC, there are so many inside jokes that mau5heads will pick up on – a robotic Meowington sabotaging the opponent, G3rard with a 3 instead of an E, dueling mau5heads controlled by others – the symbolism is almost overwhelming.? The video is also reminiscent of another time a pop music outsider teamed with wrestling for comedic effect – Cyndi Lauper, back in the ’80s.? The results are just as colorful and humorous and makes you realize the deadmau5 is in on the joke as well.

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