SONG OF THE DAY:   Clinton Vansciver ft Queen B – “Indie Anna Jones”

The term dirty pop has been used by many people. Of course, ‘N Sync had a hit song about it.   In the gay club scene, there is Drew G and Brian Cuo who describe their DirtyPop sound as a mix of hip-hop, electro, dance, and rock for a modern pop feel. From L.A. comes Clinton Vansciver, whose “trademark” Dirty Pop style is a mix of electro, disco house, and prog. Catching a lot of buzz right now is his track “Indie Anna Jones,” a glitchy electro track with stutters, sick studio effects, and the kind of pretty breakdown that you would expect from a progressive track. Yet, he keeps a beat going so even the most timid punter can keep moving. The rumbling keyboard run and stuttered vocal effects, which leads to a sick drum fill and then crescendoes to an almost guitar solo sound is maddeningly brilliant – I could only imagine how sickening that sounds on a big room sound system.  It’s no wonder that the Armada camp has enlisted him to work on tracks from Armin van Buuren and Emma Hewitt.  With “Indie Anna Jones” coming out simultaneously on Dim Mak and Transmission on both sides of the pond, Clinton Vansciver is definitely one to watch.

Image Courtesy of Transmission/Dim Mak.


When I first heard “Lies” by BXXX, I instantly referenced Fake Blood’s “All In the Blink” for the ’70s influence.  Rather than being influenced by ’70s pop like The Alan Parsons Project or Toto, “Lies” sound more like a track from a concept album by a ’70s progressive rock band.  This makes sense as BXXX (pronounced Bronx) score films about nightlife.  Starting with a radio DJ intro dedicating the song to lonely girls, the track feels like a cross between the recent Burns single “Lies” and the mellower tracks of deadmau5, with a touch of Madeon.  At just over two minutes, not much commitment is needed and the male vocals extolling the virtues of never sleeping float as a laconic counterpoint the prog rock-influenced, lounge-y electronic grooves.  The NSFW video feels like a modern take of Girls Gone Wild except with hipster/club kid party girls instead of spring breakers. BXXX will be quite an interesting project to watch as it develops.

Image Courtesy of Dim Mak.