Normally, I would wait until the video drops to write up a UK pop band, but this song has been stuck in my head since I first heard it.? Little Mix, the girl group that won the UK X Factor season 8, preview their second album ‘Salute’ with the insanely catchy and hooky “Move.”? The old school disco vibe of the track is a poppier translation of the Robin Thicke/Daft Punk meme and makes a perfectly-polished pop confection.? Some may scoff at the traditional values expressed in the lyrics like the girl playing hard to get and waiting for the boy to ask them out, but asking the guy to put on a bit of show and dance to catch a girl’s eye isn’t necessarily unfair, especially considering all the preparation it takes for girls before they go to the club (makeup, hair, outfit, etc.). The original tempo of 120 BPM can be sped up to be mixed into house sets, which I did when I first got the radio edit and had to play it immediately.? A week later, a full set of pop remixes arrived featuring Alias and Mike Rizzo that will satiate any commercial dance floor.? For a bit of edge, DJs should check out the electro-bass hybrid mix by Deekly and Eighty Six for something that will take their dance floor by surprise and make them really “Move.”?I just wish it was a bit longer. ? Here’s hoping the US record label rush releases this and get the girls a reality show. Hey, it worked for The Saturdays.

Image Courtesy of Simco.