SONG OF THE DAY: Davide Rivaz – “Colors”

With the plethora of tracks being released on a weekly basis, it’s often difficult to cut through the clutter. So when you hear a track that makes you stop, listen and feel something, you know there’s a magical moment – like the first time you heard “Bromance,” or for us long time punters “Children” or “Sunchyme.” Take a listen to “Colors” by Italian DJ/producer Davide Rivaz aka Rivaz. Truly uplifting and euphoric, the track lifts your spirits and takes you into that magical place that is light and full of happiness and energy. He even manages to bring in some rock guitar riffs without it sounding angry or aggressive, keeping it pretty and dreamy. Sure, there are the expected builds to electro and a few stadium house stabs, but the sound is so fresh and optimistic feeling that it stands out amongst the sea of clones. It really is no surprise that the big guys like David Guetta, Benny Benassi, Paul Oakenfold and Bob Sinclar are already supporting this massive track for the festival season. Special thanks to Lee Dagger for IDing the track when I approached him during his set at WMC.

Image Courtesy of Rivaz.