Notable Dance Podcast #016

Alaia & Gallo – Ole Ole (Extended)
Axis – Hands Up
DJ Prime – Tutti Fruity
Wideboys – Party People
Lee Dagger – Poseidon
Chase & Adam Rickfors – Freaks (Original)
Dada Life – Boing Clash Boom (Bingo Players)
Junior Sanchez ft Ineabell – Alive At Night
Vicetone ft Collin McLoughlin – Heartbeat (Popeska)
BT – Skylarking (Maor Levi)
Craig Connelly & Christina Novelli – Black Hole

SONG OF THE DAY: Craig Connelly & Christina Novelli – “Black Hole”

Just as Disclosure/Prince Club are bringing back ’90s underground house, it sounds like the young generation of trance producers are doing the same for their genre. Craig Connelly has had a strong series of trance releases (“Robot Wars,” “Manchester AM,” “Like Whatever”), and for his new track “Black Hole” he revisits the world old school trance with big energetic loops, sweeping synths, and a huge build leading to a dramatic dropout. Singer Christina Novelli (“Fire and Load”/”Concrete Angel”) radiates that perfect balance of power and pretty with the dark but hopeful lyrics about escaping a negative relationship.? Close your eyes and it could be a Perfecto track from the ’90s or even a Tiesto track from the early ’00s, yet its still sounds oddly modern.? Has trance music come full circle???

Image Courtesy of Garuda.