SONG OF THE DAY: BT – “Skylarking”

No one does pretty soundscapes better than BT. “Skylarking” is a gorgeous, bordering on epic exploration of synths and keyboard melodies, starting from a hybrid of ambient and classical music which gradually builds in intensity until the beat comes in – leading to an almost-Hi-NRG-style production. Not to sound cliched, but there is definitely a ’90s feel here, reminiscent of the beautiful trance-y circuit tracks that would bring a warm feeling to all those dancing.? If there was ever a track worthy of the label ’emotional technology,’ it would be “Skylarking.”? What make this track sound classic also makes it sound timeless – it is neither overly aggressive, nor formulaic stadium – it’s a pretty track that will sound perfect in an opening set for a trance night or a closing set for a progressive night.? For DJs that require a more primetime mix for their floor, Ilan Bluestone goes progressive electro while Maor Levi toughens it up with a harsher, glitchy remix. The video is absolutely stunning using time lapse footage of the Northern Lights over Alaska. The breathtaking visuals perfectly capture the emotion of “Skylarking.”

Image Courtesy of Armada.