SONG OF THE DAY: Markus Schulz ft Ana Diaz – “Nothing Without Me”

Another standout track from Marcus Schulz’ incredibly strong release ‘Scream,’ “Nothing Without Me” is a haunting tale of obsessed love gorgeously sung by Ana Diaz.? The track has a progressive-yet-pop feel which is suitably brooding and melodic with a dark beauty which foreshadows the story.? As strong as the song is, the track works just as well as an instrumental with pretty breakdowns crescendoing into powerful, thunderous explosions of energy. The extended mix will work on any mainstream club floor and the Antillas & Dankman, Beat Service, and Coldharbour mixes all go in different directions – electro, big room/stadium, and progressive.? The video translates the song as an obsessed fan moved to mental breakdown as it unwinds.? This is some dark source material, especially considering the video starts with the phrase “based on a true story.”

Image Courtesy of Coldharbour/Armada.