SONG OF THE DAY: Diplo ft Billy the Gent and Long Jawns – “Butters Theme”

Taken on its own as a track, “Butter’s Theme” is a quite strong mix of moombahton with Indian and hip-hop elements strung throughout. While not totally in your face, it does get quickly ingrained in your memory. The minimal vocal chants about watching booty are syncopated perfectly, and this track would work equally as well in a gentleman’s or hipster/electro club. Most of the buzz on this song, though, is coming from the video being featured on the Potato (a collaboration of Diplo, A-Trak, and Skrillex) YouTube channel. A kaleidoscopic (if not hallucinogenic) masturbatory fantasy for teenage boys, the clip features multiple girls clad in diverse fetish gear synced to each beat and phrase of the song. Imagine Terry Richardson doing a promo clip for an American Apparel or Frederick’s of Hollywood or Nylon collaboration to get the idea. The video is truly worth watching, as it’s a visual masterpiece with so very much going on at once. While I find myself drawn to heavenly hula hoop girl, there’s been much speculation as to whether the pretty blonde is really Ellie Goulding. Seeing as she used to date Skrillex, it could be a possibility, but I just can’t imagine the British songstress agreeing to be part of something like this. While an Azealia Banks version is probably forthcoming, Stella Mwangi’s flow fits the track quite well.

Image Courtesy of Mad Decent.

SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): DJ Snake & Alesia – “Bird Machine”

You got to love anyone whose bio simply states “We make music, fuck a genre. If it’s good, it’s good.” Frenchmen DJ Snake and Alesia team up for a trap/moombahton/downtempo/electro/wtf track based on samples of birds chirping. Yeah, it’s further proof that you can make a dance record from anything, but the manipulation of the natural sound of birds to “that” piercing sound you always hear in these records is quite brilliant. The sprinkling of retro ’90s hip-house samples just takes it to the next level. “Bird Machine” is so sick and cool that I wouldn’t be surprised if Azealia Banks drops a vocal bootleg sometime next week.

Image Courtesy of Mad Decent.

SONG OF THE DAY: Anakyn ft Fabio Lendrum – “Point Blank (Love is Blind)”

When I first heard (and wrote up) Anakyn’s “Point Blank,” the “episodic feel of the tempo changes” was something I commented about.? The track tells a story through different waves as the intensity of the tempo and moods transform – this set the track apart from many others out there.? Not dissimilar to Lazy Jay’s “Float My Boat” in this respect, these kind of tracks often inspire the most interesting vocals. Just as “Float My Boat” inspired Azealia Banks to create “212,” Anakyn enlisted the help of rising singer/writer/DJ Fabio Lendrum to create “Love is Blind,”? the vocal version of “Point Blank.”? Rather than a full-on traditional pop song, the focus is on a chorus which is repeated a few times during peaks and valleys of the track.? Fabio’s blue-eyed soulful delivery adds a new level of emotion, elevating the track to a higher peak. Whereas the original track was strong in its own right, the new vocal version can cross it over to a new level by making it more emotional and accessible without feeling cheesy in any way. Walden’s remix is a bit harder on the electro tip yet manages to keep the original elements of the track and the vocal as the main focus.? With “Love is Blind” and his work as cowriter/producer of Example’s “Won’t Go Quietly,” Fabio Lendrum is definitely one to watch for 2013.

Image Courtesy of FFRR White/Big Beat.