SONG OF THE DAY: Anakyn – “Point Blank”

Wow, the ’90s really are back. Not only are all the big name electro producers sampling old school techno, but even the big dance labels are coming back. Big Beat was relaunched a few years ago and has been bringing a reliable stream of credible EDM (Martin Solvieg, Knife Party, Skrillex) to the States. And now, Pete Tong has recently relaunched the much loved ffrr (then home to Utah Saints, Nightcrawlers, D.Mob). First up on the club-focused ffrr White series is the buzzy “Point Blank” by Anakyn. The instrumental track fits with the current wave of anthemic pretty records like “Veldt” and “Language,” yet stands out with the episodic feel of the tempo changes. DJs looking for a more aggressive take will go for Nicky Romero’s Revisit which has been buzzing since Pete dropped it as an Essential Selection on BBC Radio 1. Surely a vocal version is in the works, though I wonder if it will continue with the Star Wars theme…

Image courtesy of ffrr/Big Beat.