SONG OF THE DAY: Audien ft Michael S – “Leaving You”

Watching Audien’s sound develop with each release is definitely a journey. Fresh off the massive big room monster “Sup” is the straight-ahead dance pop “Leaving You.” Yes it’s pop, but its cool and club-friendly as well. Imagine if Zedd would have produced Ne-Yo’s last single – combining catchy emotional pop breakup lyrics from a male perspective with a dimensionally-layered electro track. This is the kind of song that, if recorded by a major pop or R&B male vocalist, would become a massive radio hit with next to no burn. If you are one of the DJs who packed floors with “These Are the Days” or are looking for a great male vocal track to add to your club sets, “Leaving You” should be at the top of your buy list on Beatport. Lovers of vocal dance pop should be on this one as well.

Image courtesy of Zouk.

SONG OF THE DAY: Audien – “Sup”

What’s up? There are so many tracks showing up on Beatport every week that it takes a lot to stand out. Following up his vocal tracks with Ruby Prophet (“These Are the Days”) and Databoy (“Just Once”), producer Audien aka Nate Rathbun goes right for the jugular and unleashes the massive big room “Sup.” The track starts off like any other with a building, structured beat until
it cuts to an 80s influenced power ballad instrumental. Then it hits, the second time the musical line is played–the massive electrotrance synth that pierces your soul. The hand clap-feeling kick drum comes in and increases the energy to an explosion. A sudden drop to a quick, Middle Eastern rhythm and a sampled female vocal “Hey” (reminiscent of Lords of Acid-era Techno) shakes things up before the full electro madness kicks in. The second breakdown midway through the track is a bit extended yet even more powerful, with an electric guitar highlighted in the buildup that further elevates the energy. DJs looking for an unexpected surprise mid-set should throw “Sup” at their crowd. The results will be mind-blowing.

Image Courtesy of Trice/Armada.