SONG OF THE DAY: Scissor Sisters – “Let’s Have a Kiki (Remixes)”

We already wrote about Scissors Sister’s buzz record “Let’s Have A Kiki” when the amazing VideoDrome video version started its own internet meme a few weeks ago. Responding quickly to the buzz, the label has enlisted a diverse range of producers to give it their own spin. Danny Verde serves up a tribal mix with a touch of retro rave sound effects (keeping it on trend with athe latest round of electro tracks making the rounds.) Olugbenga’s downtempo cabaret take seems perfect for a Kiki with capital (or should I say “Special”) K. The bouncey lo-fi mix by 2 Bears keeps the fun of the original and adds a rubberband beat to make it a little more dancefloor friendly. Leave it to the Almighty boys to take a camp record and energize without going completely overboard, this is probably their most commercial mix since Usher “OMG.” So basically, if times are rough, gather your friends, have your own kiki to whichever of these mixes fits your groove.

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SONG OF THE DAY: Adam Lambert – “Never Close Our Eyes”

It’s nice to see Lambert embracing a shift in direction on this new track, “Never Close Our Eyes”. It has that pop swag but also a little UK pop mixed into the American mainstream radio beats. His voice carries well over the growling synths, and that’s really why we listen to Adam Lambert. His voice carries a lot of strength, and when he hits the falsetto in “Never Close Our Eyes”, we are once again reminded of how well he handled those upper registers on his debut album. “Whataya Want From Me” may not be his biggest claim to fame if “Never Close Our Eyes” hits radio hard enough, and given that it was produced by Dr. Luke, I don’t see how it won’t. Incredibly strong remixes by Almighty and Digital Dog pump it up for commercial clubs while Sunship throws an old school two step feel on it. “Never Close Our Eyes” is the second single from Lambert’s new album, Trespassing. Check it out.
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SONG OF THE DAY: Kerli – “Zero Gravity”

Sometimes we just have to accept when an artist has made a change for good. Kerli may still be odd, may still be quirky, but she seems to have moved on from the gothic Lolita character for good. Perhaps that’s for the best, as her recent material has been super geared for the dance floor. “Zero Gravity” is her latest offering and sees the Estonian singer hitting a lot of marks with her lyrics that are similar with vocal trance, albeit in a modern and engaging mainstream format. The effect is pleasing. The beats are aggressive in “Zero Gravity”, giving it an edge for immediate dance floor consumption. But keep your eye out for Laidback Luke’s take for a dirty Dutch variant that may be more your style for your floor. Lovers of hiNRG will love gravitate towards the gorgeous Almighty remix. Kerli may not be “Walking on Air” anymore, but with “Zero Gravity”, she’s still got her head in the clouds. Enjoy.

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