SONG OF THE DAY: Leonardo GloVibes ft Juiceppe – Electrica Salsa

Those crazy Italians… ? Between the rise of Moska, Felguk, and HiiO, and the massive Fatboy Slim ‘Bem Brasil’ album,? there’s definitely a South American trend going on in EDM right now. When I first saw the title “Electrica Salsa,” I was expecting either an update of the Sven Vath “Baba Baba” track, or a reworking of salsa in the same vibe that the Royal Gigolos did in their heyday.? This track is neither of those.? Yes, there is a salsa sample in the track, but somehow Italian DJ/Producer Leonardo GloVibes was inspired to sample Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock’s classic “It Takes Two” (in a similar way to how he used Black Box’s “Strike It Up” on his “Move On” track)? and add singer Juiceppe, affecting his best drag queen reading voice.? This track is really something random and crazy that just comes out of nowhere, but it is definitely memorable and gets a reaction when an adventurous DJ works it into his set. Trust me, I remember when I heard Leonardo play it poolside during the Winter Music Conference and kept wondering what it was and when it would finally get released (the answer being June 23rd).

Image Courtesy of Go Deeva.