SONG OF THE DAY: TS7 ft Yaz Nikks – Give Me a Sign

Does TS stand for Two-Step? Judging by the Garage mix of his new single “Give Me a Sign,” it just might. On the surface, it is flat-out classic ’90s two-step garage, every other beat highlighted with a triplet groove. Two-step was a British house subgenre that blended urban vocals with house that punters (aka clubbers) would dance to in half time so it was even slower (similar to drum and bass). If you listen closer, you will hear modern touches to the production – drum fills, electro kicks, and synth flourishes that weren’t used the first time around. The vocals are processed just like they were back then as well – which stands out because if you listen to Yaz Nikk’s cover of “Royals,” she really can emote and sing – but that doesn’t really fit the vibe of the the track. It seems like you kind of need that robotic inhuman vocal feel for a two-step track to work. Though it’s not lounge music per se, the track has a lighter feel – it’s definitely not a banger – but would fit a pool party vibe or a pre-club warmup. While on the TS7 tip, check out his mix of Signum’s “Nobody to Love.”

Image courtesy of 3-Beat.