SONG OF THE DAY: Tony Moran ft Debby Holiday – “I Like You”

Dance covers can often slip into cliche, but when done well they can be quite special. Phyllis Nelson topped the club chart in 1985 with “I Like You,” a true club anthem still heard to this day in gay clubs around the world. Singer Debby Holiday pays respect to the original, staying faithful to the harmonies, but injecting her unique flavor into the performance. Debby is one of those rare singers who has the vocal power of a rocker and the soul of a legendary diva. Whether live or on a remix, you know it is her singing. Listening to the plethora of remixes spanning the various tribal subgenres, the dramatic and pretty breakdown of Twisted Dee’s Anthem is quite memorable- as is the bouncy vibe of Phil B & Andy Allder’s housified take.

Image courtesy of House of Sugar Music.

SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): Wang Rong Rollin – Chick Chick

By: DJ Ricky Sixx

As the temperature grows colder, we can always look online for something to keep us entertained. There has been an animal theme in songs lately, from the “Koala” and “Gecko” tracks by Oliver Heldens to “Walks With Elephants” by Ten Walls and “The Act” by CamelPhat which have sampled sounds that sound like animal noises. Putting a poppier WTF spin on it is Chinese pop star Wang Rong Rollin, who unleashed “Chick Chick” to the unsuspecting world. Comprised of chicken squawking and other animal noises over a sickly sweet dance pop beat, this might be the answer if Ylvis asked what “What do the farm animals say?” Imagine if Bjork dropped acid and decided to direct “Old McDonald Has a Farm” with a cast of showgirls and guys – well, that is honestly the best description of the video. There is so much going on, you can’t help but get entranced. It’s so sickeningly happy and goofy that if it would have come out a month ago, it would have inspired a whole range of Halloween costumes. Will this be next Gangnam Style, only time will tell…

SONG OF THE DAY: Weekend Heroes & Matan Caspi – Frozen Memories

As a traveling DJ, one thing you quickly start to tune out is the flight attendant’s safety spiel when the plane takes off. “Frozen Memories” builds a deep, techy track around a dropout with a female flight attendant saying those lines. The Israeli trio (Weekend Heroes is a duo) of producers actually incorporate elements of classic house, so much so that the track borders on future house, or something you might expect from Tchami or Mr Belt and Wezol. The effected vocals have a hallucinogenic effect, as if you are hearing them while floating in and out of of consciousness. If the original is hallucinogenic, then the Francis Preve remix has a stoned feeling with most of the original elements slowed down in a haze. The female part of the vocal is dropped in favor of the male voice – which is presentable but not understandable – kind of like if you are completely under the influence of something and can’t grasp what you are listening to. The sampled vocal loops comes across almost like breathing, as if you are hearing your surroundings changing with the beat. This is an odd way to describe a track but it feels spatial, like the environment of a soundtrack. Completely unlike anything Francis Preve has done before, yet fitting his style for creative spins on progressive house.

Image courtesy of Audiophile Deep.