SONG OF THE DAY: Ayah Marar – “Beg Borrow Steal”

You may not know her name, but you will definitely recognize her voice.? Ayah Marar sang (and cowrote) Calvin Harris’ most recent hit “Thinking About You.”? For the lead US single from her debut album, “Beg Borrow Steal,” Ayah creates a similar vibe with a bit more of a pop edge.? The chorus has my trainspotter brain going crazy – making me think of Fergie’s “Big Girl” as well as Bruno Mars “Just the Way You Are.”? Ayah sounds great, but if I were to make one critique it would be that the backing vocals almost cross that cheesy line.? Well, that and that my favorite remix, Looney B’s, is a dub rather than containing vocals, though the remixer gets points for the comical name and makes me wonder if it’s Lenny B in disguise.? DJs looking for a vocal mix should go right to DSC CHK mix which has all the right elements in place and works for primetime.? By the way, if you get a chance to see Ayah perform live – do it.? When she performed at Promo Only Summer Sessions, she won the crowd.? And no one else can rock a top knot cone bun like she can.

Image Courtesy of Radikal.

INTERVIEW: Morgan Page (2013)

Morgan Page is one of the nicest producer/DJs on the scene.??A major part of his new tour ? Morgan Page Presents ? is focused on rising talent with Project 46, Walden,?Topher Jones, Beltek, Maor Levi, and Audien joining him on the bus tour.??Then there is the 3D element which aims to bring a more immersive experience to the crowd.??Talking to him is liking talking to an old friend, and when you think back to all of his massive records over the?past ten years (“Falling,” “Call My Name,” “In the Air,” “Longest Road,” “Body Work,” “Carry Me,” “Fight For You”), they all exude that same kind of warmth.??I met up and chatted with Morgan Page at the Promo Only Summer Sessions last month right before he was going to launch the MPP3D bus tour.??Its definitely a tour you do not want to miss.

RS:?Have you ever done a bus tour before?
Morgan Page: No, this is the first one.

RS: What was the inspiration for it?
Morgan Page: The biggest thing was just to go and tour with a team of people that I believe in and champion. To do the kind of production that we want to do we need a bus and a semi-truck to haul all of our gear. We can?t fly with all that stuff, so that was definitely one of our big motivators and we also wanted to go big and do 3D.
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GALLERY: POSS 2013 ? Earplug Pictures

It?s amazing the response we got to our NotableDance.Com Earplugs that we handed out during the Promo Only Summer Sessions. Check out these pictures of the dance music world?s finest holding up the infamous earplug cases?