SONG OF THE DAY: Denny Berland ft Alicia Madison – Start It Over

Singer Alicia Madison has been quite busy over the past year or so, working with rising producers like Sied Van Riel, Promiseland, and Dehasse, bringing her powerful and expressive voice to the dancefloor.? With “Start It Over,” she might have found her crossover moment.? Listening to the song, it’s hard not to hear “When Love Takes Over,” it is just that anthemic, beautiful, and emotional.? The “we are, we are” hook sounds so familiar, referencing Hardwell “Apollo,” Icicle Works “Whisper to a Scream,” and Ke$ha “Crazy Kids” brilliantly.? This is commercial yet credible, and highlights both her vocals and the strong work by Italian producer Denny Berland.? If you listen to the acoustic version, you can tell that she can really sing without studio wizardry (which is sadly a rarity these days). Seeing her perform live brings that point home.? While DJs will reach for the Electro or Provenanzo mix, the original radio edit is so solid that with the right promotion this song could become the dance anthem of Summer 2014.

Image courtesy of Moda Music Group.