SONG OF THE DAY: Cedric Gervais ft Coco – Through the Night

Genreblending in EDM is definitely making things more interesting. Avicii got universal praise for bringing country to the dance floor and Cedric is taking it a step further by bringing in a modern iteration of jump blues. The organic vibe feels like he could actually even be using real instruments. The track is energetic and will move a dance floor without any of the rote EDM clich?s that predominate at the moment. There is one drum fill that comes in where you would expect it to go all “generic big room,” but it doesn’t, and that’s a good thing. If you insist on the big room sound, remixes by Chris Lake, CID, and Mednas do the trick – all using vocals, with the Chris Lake mix standing out for keeping so much of the original vibe. Vocalist Coco sounds good especially when expressing universal thoughts like “I wonder what you look like in the morning light.” The video is worth checking out since the beachside bonfire party is a much more desirable destination than the last time Cedric rode alone with a girl in a car (the “Sprit in My Life” video).

Image courtesy of Robbins Entertainment/3Beat.