SONG OF THE DAY: Audien & Matthew Koma – Serotonin

So many times when you hear a great track, you can already imagine what a vocal on top of it will sound like. “Machina” by Audien floated around last summer and received a good bit of buzz. This progressive stadium track showcases Audien’s prettier and more uplifting side – like “Wayfarer,” “Leaving You,” and “The Reach.” On first listen, you can already hear the vocals. Though it may not be labeled as “Machina,” it is pretty clear that “Serotonin” is based on that track. Matthew Koma gives an emotional vocal performance that elevates the track to an even higher level with great lyrics that just make you feel good and pretty much anthropomorphize serotonin. It’s one of the gorgeous hands-in-the-air epic tracks that sounds just as good on the dancefloor as it will on the radio. It also goes to show that with the right kind of human interaction, there is really no need to get “Wasted.”

Image courtesy of Spinnin.