SONG OF THE DAY: Tiesto ft Matthew Koma – Wasted

This is such a fun record, or should I say, a ‘fun. record’ – as it sounds like what would happen if the indie pop band decided to experiment with the current EDM trends. Singer Matthew Koma has an incredible voice and is a powerful songwriter, which is why he is in demand by nearly every major dance producer/DJ- Afrojack, Showtek, Zedd, and Hardwell are all working with him. Following the crossover hit “Red Light,” Tiesto aims for the jugular with this infectious party anthem which melds commercial pop (? la One Direction, fun!) with big room electro and that triplet sound, yet keeps the singalong vocals as the main focus. Honestly, this should be called Matthew Koma ft Tiesto or at least Tiesto AND Matthew Koma – because the catchy vocals are the main attraction and the track, though well-constructed and perfectly-suited for radio, is much more in the background. The topic of the lyrics is a bit of a red flag though, glorifying how being wasted is better and that’s the only time we talk. What else could wasted refer to than drug or alcohol use (a point brought home by the video showing an innocent 50s ladies luncheon devolving into a drunken Girls Gone Wild rage fest.) Is this really the message that an EDM artist should bring to Top 40? As the second single from Tiesto’s forthcoming album, it will be interesting to see if the album goes even further into the David Guetta pop direction (which is a great thing) or maintains a balance with banging club tracks. DJs will reach for the Ummet Ozcan mix which manages to keep the feel and the vibe of the original while pumping it for the big rooms with that festival sound. Don’t be surprised if this ends up on the soundtrack of the big summer movies.

Image courtesy of Ultra/Positiva/Virgin.

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