SONG OF THE DAY: Leonardo GloVibes – “Move On”

A really good DJ/producer can be compared to a burlesque dancer – a good tease leads to an even better payoff. Just as a master DJ might tease his crowd with a sample of a something familiar, Italian born Leonardo Glovibes has constructed “Move On” to do the same thing. About 45 seconds in, there is just a single sampled horn note. The note is so familiar- and as it is effected and repeated, the anticipation builds. After another 30 seconds, the sample is played longer and all the trainspotters are going crazy realizing that it’s taken from a house classic. Then after another thirty seconds, the sample is played in full and you realize that its the sax line from Black Box “Strike It Up.” Over the next five minutes, the horn line is worked every which way – stretched out, staccatoed, echoed – all over a disco/tribal house beat that is set to be an Ibiza anthem. Already in the Beatport Top 10 on Beatport, it’s a record that crowds will love as much as the DJs do. It makes a fitting tribute to the original artist Black Box as their modus operandi, which was often liberally sampling other people’s work without giving credit until after it was discovered (see Loleatta Hollaway and Martha Wash). There’s a good chance that this track is going to become so big this summer that a vocal will be added and it will become a new house standard a la Lee & Cabrera “Shake It.”

Images courtesy of PP Music.

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