SONG OF THE DAY: Vato Gonzalez – B52 Riddim

For Dirty House master Vato Gonzalez, it’s all about da riddim – be it Triplet, Sushi, Volfied, Ganja, Bio, or of course, Badman.? On his new riddim track, “B52 Riddim,” he mashes together a few of the previous ones into a new one, while adding a bit of a progressive vibe.? The vocal sample “Drop the Bomb” teases the explosive energy and makes it obvious that the title isn’t a reference to the beloved classic ’80s/’90s dance troup.? This Riddims series are strong tracks in their own right, but feel like they could be elevated further with a vocal or rap topline (a la Ganja/Badman). ?It will be interesting to see how his forthcoming “Desert Riddim” collaboration with Afrojack fits intro the progression.

Image Courtesy of Ultra Records.