SONG OF THE DAY: Nick Fiorucci – Beggin

Watching the flashback ’90s nu-house meme develop, it’s quite interesting to note how the classic sounds are being crosspollinated with different genres and inspirations. Last week saw Chocolate Puma adding progressive Prydz-esque sounds and the White N3rd going ADHD with a touch of just about everything. As a fan of Nick Fiorucci and his label HiBias, I’ve been waiting to see what his twist would be and he definitely doesn’t disappoint. “Beggin” uses a revocaled sample of The Four Seasons “Beggin” (like the 2008 hit by Madcon) as the breakdown for the updated house beats with classic grooves and UK-flavored garage overtones. There isn’t enough room here to distinguish between US and UK garage – let’s just go by pronunciations. Pronounced Guh-ruhj, then it’s the classic US house sound. Pronounced Gah-raj, its the ’90s British flavor with 2-step or speed garage inflections. Nick’s track is definitely the latter. “Beggin” is instantly recognizable, with great energy, and will work brilliantly on both commercial and underground club floors.

Image courtesy of Hi Bias Records.