SONG OF THE DAY: Dave Aude ft Andy Bell – Aftermath (Here We Go)

If you’ve ever seen Dave Aude spin live (which I strongly recommend), you will notice that he is definitely a DJ’s DJ – using three decks to mix acapellas and tracks live to remix on the fly.? This same idea of reinvention is evident in many of his recent productions and remixes where he has embraced ’90s Nu-House elements with his own unique spin.? Working with one of his personal idols, Andy Bell of Erasure, he has taken it a step further – bringing in ’80s synths with ’90s synth-pop flavors to a thoroughly modern 2014 electropop production.? “Aftermath (Here We Go)” sounds like he has rebuilt one of the best songs from Erasure’s ‘Chorus’ album for today’s dance floors.? Andy’s vocals are as beautiful as ever and the lyrics are as catchy as any of Erasure’s biggest hits.? Listening to the song over and over, I keep imagining how amazing it would be for Dave Aude to go into the studio and produce Erasure’s next album.? When Vince hears how good this song is, it could just possibly happen.

Image Courtesy of Audacious.

dave aude andy bell aftermath