SONG OF THE DAY: Fedde Le Grand – Don’t Give Up

This track is going to sound familiar to a lot of you.? If you watched the movie about the Ultra Music Festival’s 15th edition, “Don’t Give Up” is THAT track that has been unavailable.? Set to be released at the start of the Winter Music Conference/Miami Music Week on March 24th, it will definitely be heard all week.? The big room festival anthem combines the aggressive electro beats with a pretty, anthemic?and uplifting interlude.? Since the track is being set up to be quite massive, it seems inimitable that there will be a vocal version as well.? It is quite funny that there are already mashups of the track floating around – like the solid one with Hardwell & W&W “Jumper.”? While there is rarely a single song that defines the WMC anymore, this could possibly be the one.? It also makes me wonder how this track fits into Fedde’s long-awaited follow-up album to ‘Output’ from back in 2009.

Fedde Le Grand – Don’t Give Up