SONG OF THE DAY: Frida?Sundemo – A Million Years

Written by: Ben Norman

Missing Robyn?? Cold, and in need of some warmth?? Hot, and need some chill?? Well Frida Sundemo, along with her track “A Million Years,” have got you covered.? Channeling Robyn like she’s trying to take over, Frida belts and coos “A Million Years” over a lush and complex musical composition.? Lyrically, this is more “With Every Heartbeat” than “Konichiwa Bitches,” so it lacks Robyn’s tongue-in-cheek approach to some of her best tracks.? Don’t fret dear listeners, “A Million Years” takes musical cues from classic dance tracks in its complexity, but combines it with the staunch, anthemic sounds of Bastille and his friends.? The combination is a riveting journey that pushes hard, then lets you breathe here and there just to drive harder.? The end of the track is the culmination of a 2 minute build-up that feels as if it goes nowhere, but will have you breathlessly replaying over and over.? Curiously, her music sounds a lot more feminine than Frida looks in her video, but there is much to be said by not judging a book by its cover.? If “A Million Years” is any indication, we can expect amazing things from Ms. Sundemo.? Also check out her track “For You, Love” for more evidence of how awesome she is.

Image courtesy of Animal Rights / X5 Music Group.

Frida Sundemo – A Million Years