Yeah, it’s that track.  The one that everyone was trying to figure who the producer was. My money was on DVBBS & Bourgeous but it ends up being the “mysterious” KSHMR.  Not much is known about “him,” aside from his fear of vowels and love of extinct sharks, since the Instagram is private (though there are over 3000 followers with no posts) and his Facebook/Twitter accounts have just been started. Makes you think that KSHMR is probably a pseudonym, with the person to be unveiled at Spinnin’ Session in Miami (for which this song is the soundtrack of the teaser).  Back to the track, it’s a big crowd pleaser with “Tsunami”-esque triplet rolls and a classic musical-vibed breakdown.  That may sound strange in print, but it really works as a scary and dark, yet enchanting big room track.  Keep an eye on this track as it will no doubt explode into something bigger by the time WMC gets here.

Image Courtesy of Spinnin.

KSHMR – Megalodon