SONG OF THE DAY: Gareth Emery ft Bo Bruce – “U”

British producer Gareth Emery starts 2014 with the rather strong new “U” featuring vocals by Bo Bruce. Its hard to judge new music from Gareth, because I always go back to his record “Concrete Angel” and want every song of his to be that magical. While that kind of expectation is unreal, “U” does stand on its own as a strong commercial, progressive pop single. Bo sounds like a cross between Sarah Mclachlan and Sinead O Connor over the track which has a “Summertime Sadness” feel. “U” is also one of those songs that grows with every listen. I liked it when I first heard it and every time I playback a mix show with it, the song stands out more and more. For a big room mix, check out the pumping take by W&W.

Image courtesy of Garuda.

Gareth Emery ft Bo Bruce – “U”