SONG OF THE DAY: ATB ft Stanfour – “Face to Face”

Longevity in the dance world is quite rare.? So for ATB to continue pumping out solid club tracks more than 15 years after his classic debut “9PM?(Till I Come)”? is quite exceptional.? Preceding his forthcoming double CD ‘Contact’ comes the male vocal,rock-tinged progressive track “Face to Face.”? The vocals come courtesy of German rock band Stanfour who pine for more human contact in this increasingly distant and digital world that we live in.? The original track starts off with a sparse guitar playing, focusing on the vocal until an oddly-timed drum beat comes in and starts the production building up to the progressive pop chorus.? Comparisons to Armin’s “This is What it Feels Like” seem apropos here.? For fans (and DJ consumption), the Rudee mix, which was premiered on ASOT 648, stands out as the most anthemic and hands-in-the-air mix.? It’s not a surprise that the mix is included on the the bonus remix CD of the commercial release.? Here’s hoping that “Right Back to You,” ATB’s collab with York and Jes, follows quickly as the second single.

Image Courtesy of Kontor.

ATB ft Stanfour – “Face to Face”