SONG OF THE DAY: Anushka – “Never Can Decide”

Soulful synth-pop. A song called “Never Can Decide” seems perfect for Brighton-based duo Max Wheeler and Victoria Port, known as Anushka. Combining the varied elements of glitch, synth-pop, and electro with classic R&B make for a unique sound unlike anything else out there right now. Victoria’s vocals are a cross between Sade and Bj?rk, with a hint of Nina Persson (Cardigans) – seductive, smooth, and soulful with a touch of quirk. The production shares those same qualities as it feels soothing- yet the different elements, when separated out, could easily be quite jarring. These ideas of contrast are highlighted further in a colorful and dynamic video which elevates the song to an even higher level. Anushka are definitely a duo to watch for 2014 and its easy to see why BBC Radio DJ Gilles Peterson signed them to his label.

Image Courtesy of Brownswood Recordings.

Anushka – “Never Can Decide”