SONG OF THE DAY: Charli XCX – “Superlove”

It’s easy to see why NME named Charli XCX to their Young Brittania 2013 – Future of British Music list. Whereas most young dance pop artists are manufactured studio creations, Charli started off as an independent alternative artist, writing/cowriting her songs, and has kept that ethos firmly intact. Leading off her second solo album comes “Superlove,” an incredibly-written pop song about powerful infatuation and love with analogies that are both simple and deep. The hooks are catchy and it’s the kind of song that SHOULD be on the radio every 10 minutes. For club consumption, four remixers go in completely different directions. Its hard to describe the sound of Yeasayer as there really isn’t a steady beat (or any beat per se), but it’s not ambient and actually has a pulsing energy to it – imagine listening to ELO while in a K-hole. Frenchman Canblaster mixes electro, disco, fusion, stutter beats, and vocal effects for a kitchen sink effect that shouldn’t work- but does. Mike Mago’s mix is an extension of the retro ’90s house sound of his summer anthem “The Show.” The Wideboys mix is the most straightforward, a blending of their trademark bouncey electrosound with stadium elements for contrast. All four remixes are creative and show how a great pop song can work in just about any context.

Image Courtesy of Atlantic.