SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): Army of Lovers – “Crucifed 2013”

There really isn’t another group like the legendary camp trio (and sometimes quartet) Army of Lovers. Masterminded by Alexander Bard (who went on to create Alcazar and Gravitonas), they mixed outrageous period drag, ostentatious videos, and catchy eurodance pop to spawn a string of Hi-NRG club hits (and videos) including “Obsession,” “Israelism,” “Ride the Bullet,” and of course, their definitive classic “Crucified.” More than 20 year after original release, “Crucified” is updated with a new vocal performance by original singer Jean-Pierre Barda which, unbelievably, manages to camp it up even more. Playing up the religious imagery even further, Dominika adds a new verse encouraging you to enjoy her “Babylonian sex worker bosom.” The production adds a few modern electro touches but is quite faithful to the Hi-NRG original. The Nord mix is probably the most club-friendly, adding a few Swedish House Mafia stabs and keyboard lines while keeping the vibe. The Per QX and Sonny Switch Mix follows the retro ’90s house vibe by slowing down the tempo (and adding some odd evil male vocoder effects) making it sound like a Disclosure record for a leather bar. The real headscratcher, in a good way, is the SoundFactory mix which is reminiscent of the Pete Hammond mixes of a few years ago that took songs back in time with classic PWL-era production. For Sunday Funday, there really isn’t a better song out there that brings religion to the dance floor with tongue planted firmly in cheek (and hands in the air).

Image Courtesy of Stockholm Records.