SONG OF THE DAY: Arty – “Flashback”

So, I’ve been challenged to do a write-up without using the words stadium, big room, or progressive. Listening to this new track “Flashback” by Arty, it will be a challenge since all three of those words are apt descriptions. Russian producer/DJ Arty continues to release strong tracks both on his own (“Together We Are” with vocalist Chris James) and as collaborations (“Rebound” with Mat Zo, which used for his own “Let’s Go”). The banging tech trance “Flashback” first surfaced as a mashup with the guitar line of Daft Punk’s “Aerodynamic” in the breakdown. For full release, the drop is wisely replaced with a build into a softer b-line hook that is more of a response to the banging main hook – as in if the two hooks were played back-to-back it would almost be a call-and-response, or a techno “simon says.” The title is quite apt as the main hook has the same powerful intensity of Tiesto’s classic “Flight 643” with its staccato key stabs. There are a few other classic-sounding elements sprinkled throughout, though the overwhelming feel of blending soft and hard make this a very modern 2013 track. Currently released as a track, “Flashback” could easily come back with a vocal topline, or as a mashup with the right quirky vocal track.

Image Courtesy of Anjunabeats.