SONG OF THE DAY: Roger Sanchez – “My Roots”

This is the record I have been waiting for.? While everyone is riding the ’90s flashback train and releasing tracks that sound exactly what was being released in the ’90s, dance music master statesman Roger Sanchez takes those classic elements and modernizes them.? Aptly titled “My Roots,” the track is built over a bouncy house beat with piano flourishes and incorporates the trademark diva vocals, the “voice of God,” and the vocal repeat effects that are instantly memorable.? This isn’t a track made for radio airplay – it’s a full-on club track that is so hooky and catchy that it could end up on the radio.? What’s kind of ironic is that while I liked the the remixes by Technasia, Alexei & Carlos Kinn, and Sonny Fodera when I first heard them, it is when I went back and heard the original version that I really fell in love with the track. The video is just as en pointe with the animated scenes that relive the roots of house – record stores that build community, underground gay clubs, spinning on vinyl, and the evolution of dance moves.

Image Courtesy of Stealth Records.