SONG OF THE DAY: Freemasons v Rubylux – “The World Goes Quiet”

2013 is the year where I have found myself anxiously awaiting every new release from the Freemasons, simply due to their variety and not knowing what will be next.? There’s been the big room deadmau5-inspired electro track “Dirty Organ,” with Joel Edwards, the ’90s electro-influenced “Bring It Back,” the diva-tastic yet somber stadium anthem “Tears,” with Katherine Ellis, and now “The World Goes Quiet.”? Working with the band Rubylux, they reconstructed the already strong song into a big room monster.? When you listen to the original version, there’s a Maroon 5-gone-rock vibe which is kept for the remix, but elevated to a new level.? The parallel here would be the Freemasons remixes of Kelly Rowland “Work” and Geoge Michael “I Want Your Sex,” there they did a massive drop down in tempo to keep the integrity of the original vocals.? For “World Goes Quiet,” the drop down is a change of groove and emotion rather than just tempo.? This new single makes me excited about what will come next while I anxiously await the forthcoming full-length artist album.

Image Courtesy of Freemaisons Music.