SONG OF THE DAY: Quintino & Blasterjaxx – “Puzzle”

Sander van Doorn is quite the busy guy, isn’t he? When he’s not on the road touring or producing big room club tracks (Neon, Ten, Joy Energizer, Kangaroo), he is searching for tracks for his label Doorn.?? Buzzing for a bit, “Puzzle,” by Blasterjaxx and Quintino, is aptly named.? Instead of Dirty Dutch, let’s call it Darkly Dutch.? While the track starts with typical hard electro beats, there’s a bit of an evil vibe to it (similar to “Equinox” by Skrillex). The drop brings in an almost evil-sounding synth line, similar to the foreboding soundtrack of a horror movie.? The buildup is insane, increasing in intensity, sounding like a police siren.? The track comes back strong and massive, sounding like what you would expect from a dirty (or darkly) dutch track.?? The title comes from the vocal sample used, but also the way the different elements are connect perfectly – like a puzzle.? If you’ve heard any of the big guys spinning out lately, you’ve probably heard this played – so now you know what to go download on Beatport.

Image Courtesy of Doorn/Spinnin.