SONG OF THE DAY: Kill Paris ft Marty Rod and Alma – “Falling in Love”

What do you get when you mix glitch and R&B pop? “Falling in Love,” the new single from Kill Paris (aka Corey Baker), seamlessly mashes ’90s-era R&B/pop with subtle glitchy beats. Imagine your favorite old school Brian McKnight or Next love song with a glitchy bassline for an idea.?? Elevating this song from the majority of EDM productions is the radio-quality songwriting and high-quality vocal production. Rather than sounding like an electronic artist trying to make a pop song, it sounds more like a quality pop producer introducing glitch and electro elements into their songs.? The fact that this is on Skrillex’s label OWSLA is kind of mind-blowing as well, since it shows he has an ear for pop and not just club bangers.

Image Courtesy of OWSLA.