SONG OF THE DAY: LA Riots ft Shiny Toy Guns ? ?Before You?

When a pairing works so well, it makes sense to do it again.? LA Riots did the sickening aggressive electro mix of “Waiting Alone” by Shiny Toy Guns, which energized the classic 4AD/Nettwerk sound of the original for big room dance floors.? Returning the favor, Shiny Toy Guns contributes the topline for “Before You,” the forthcoming single by LA Riots.? A seeming mesh of disparate elements (pretty keyboards, harsh electro, trap breakdown, glitchy noise) meld together to form a compelling track for Carah Faye’s hauntingly beautiful vocals.? Talking about pairs working well together, bag designer Lexdray features “Before You” in their advertisement for their Ibiza Pack (a luxury DJ bag) and hosts LA Riots’ latest mixed set as the “Welcome to Los Angeles” edition of their City Series. As you are enjoying the banging hour-long set which spans various EDM genres, pay close attention to the last track, starting about 55:30, for the full version of “Before You.”

Image Courtesy of Lexdray.