SONG OF THE DAY: Roger Sanchez ft GTO – “Troubleman”

With massive club anthems (“Another Chance,” “Lost”), epic remixes (Kylie’s “In Your Eyes,” Basia’s “Drunk on Love”), long-term Ibiza residency, and a Grammy award for best remixed recording, Roger Sanchez is one of the hardest-working legends of house music.? So as classic underground house starts making a comeback, now seems the perfect time for him to step in and show the newcomers how it’s done.? Teaming up with GTO (singer of “Turn on the Music”), Roger releases “Troubleman,” a soulful house track with influences of blues and jazz. GTO’s gospel-like vocals warn of the problems to come when we do the wrong things with our life.? The backing vocals are repeated and effected so that they sounds like a spiritual hymn. For a looped-out, dubbier take, check out DJ Sneak’s remix.? The video is moving as it contrasts dancing and protests with evildoers of the past century.? This is the kind of political statement that rarely gets expressed in dance tracks, and hopefully it will lead to more artists going deeper with their music.? As the first track from his upcoming album ‘Roots,” we anxiously await wait to hear more from the Stealth leader of house.

Image Courtesy of Stealth.