SONG OF THE DAY: Mason – “Grotto”

Simplicity is a hallmark of quality.? Dutch duo Mason achieved massive success with “Exceeder” and have since released a constant stream of quality interesting tracks from all sides of the electronic world.? Play “Le Big Bob” next to “Corrected,” and the common theme is a simple hook explored over the track with the surprise being how it ends.? On their new track “Grotto,” the main hook is striking similar to the classic track “Quadrophonia,” yet developed in an eerily ’90s house-inspired vibe rather than a ’90s techno vibe.? As opposed to other recent ’90s house-inspired tracks, “Grotto” sounds like it was produced in 2013 with electro underlays and a dramatic dropout that thankfully keeps a stable rhythm going so that DJs won’t lose a dance floor. The same common theme of a simple hook with a surprise at the end is similarly explored in the memorable video clip which stars both Mason-ites, Coen and Iason, in a modern take of the man’s best friend relationship.

Image Courtesy of?Animal Language.