SONG OF THE DAY: Arcader – “Pillowtalk” EP

As the music industry prepares its descent on Austin, Texas for the annual South by Southwest festival, it seems a perfect time to highlight Arcader, one of the rising EDM talents from there. I wrote about his funky techno remix of Tyler Hampton’s ode to ADHD “The Knight” a few weeks ago, and here he returns with the Pillowtalk EP- two tracks of funky dance floor madness. The title track isn’t exactly retro, but the shuffling beat changes subtly throughout and contains many references to old school house, yet modernized with a smooth progressive feel.? The vocodered voice is a nice touch, giving a kind of ominous, robotically-structured feel to a constantly-changing track.? Bermuda doesn’t necessarily have a tropical feel to it, but it does have a rhythmic feel that sounds like a vacation track.? I could almost imagine someone singing “Break My Stride” on top of it.? It’s also one of those rare tracks at a relatively slower bpm (124) that has more energy than much faster electro tracks.? The bouncy beats and swinging shuffling groove are deceptive in the way they suck you in without you even realizing it. With a topline vocal added, Bermuda could be come one of those leftfield club records that gets big out of nowhere, like a “King of My Castle” kind of thing.

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Image Courtesy of Academik.