SONG OF THE DAY: Vato Gonzalez & The Young Punx – “Body Harder”

“Body Harder” fuses surf rock (samples from Quincy Jones “Ironside,” last heard in ‘Kill Bill”), rasta toasting, and a big room electro beat. While I am not sure who the vocalist is, she sounds a lot like soca artist Denise “Saucy Wow” Belfon who sang on Masters at Work’s saucy classic “Work.”? DJs looking for a curveball to throw into their electro sets should check this out, as should ironic hipsters trainspotting for tracks with cinematic references.? “Body Harder” is a great teaser, and here’s hoping we get some new music from Hal and The Young Punx with their evil clown “MASHitUP” vibe.

Image Courtesy of Dirty House.