SONG OF THE DAY: Vato Gonzalez – “Cats Are Evil”

Electronic dance music has become a major Dutch export and most of it can be easily categorized as dirty dutch, trance, or progressive. Vato Gonzalez stands out with his unique DIrty House sound which mashes glitch, electro, hip-hop influences, techno, ragga, and just about everything else so that every release sounds different, yet has his unique feel. His latest release “Cats Are Evil” has an eerie movie score vibe- going between background soundtrack sparseness, banging electro beats, twisted glitchy noises, whistling effects, and retro video game techno noises. The sole vocal sample- “Cats are Evil” may not please feline lovers but makes the perfect random context to tie the various sounds together. Here’s a track for DJs to throw on when they want to mess with heads of the crowds by playing something unexpected and unlike anything else out there. It will definitely work as a call to arms for his “army of bastards.”

Image Courtesy of Mad Decent Records.