SONG OF THE DAY: Starkillers & Bl3nd – “Xception”

While I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a “Bl3nder” (an obsessesed fan of DJ Bl3nd),? I have been enjoying watching videos of the gruesomely-masked guy as he unleashes sick electro DJ mixes with him dancing.? His “Berserk” video was perfectly-timed for Halloween and just as twisted as you imagine.? Imagine a guy wearing a twisted Chuckie (evil doll, not Dirty Dutch DJ) mask with the frenetic energy of Insane Clown Posse and Steve Aoki making tracks like Wolfgang Gartner and R3hab to get an idea. The new track “Xception,” with Starkillers, manages to keep that intense and aggressive electro edge while smoothing it out with a few progressive breaks.? Don’t worry, the frantic bleeps and sick chainsaw energy is still there but made a little bit more palatable for bigger club crowds. ? If you haven’t already discovered DJ Bl3nd, definitely check out his YouTube page.

Image Courtesy of Spinnin.