SONG OF THE DAY:? Anna Rossinelli – “Let It Go”

If we learned one thing from the massive success of Gotye, it was that a simple rhythm and an emotional/intelligent lyric can elevate a quirky song to public consciousness.? Anna Rossinelli is a Swiss singer-songwriter best known for her entry into the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.? Previewing her second artist album is the questioning-yet-prophetic “Let It Go.”? Led by a shuffling handclap beat and an almost children’s music-styled instrumentation, the song is incessantly catchy, and listening to the lyrics might make you wonder about the path your life is going on.? This could be what inspired the emotional outpouring of the lyrics in “Don’t You Worry Child.”? As cool as it would be for her to reach out to her fellow Swiss countrymen for an energetic remix (DJ Antoine, Mike Candys, Yves LaRock, Remady, or even DJ Bobo), the song structure seems to lend itself more to a sickening distortion by someone in the Dim Mak camp.? Take a listen, but be warned, this song is an earworm that you will not be able to escape.

Image Courtesy of EMI Poland.